Referral Program

Client Referral Program

!! A happy client will always make you happy !!

At Nextolive technologies , we concern about our clients the most. Offering the Client Referral service, we have opened a two-way platform for communication with them. We provide the finest level of superior service to clients in the field of software development, web development, web design, mobile application development and testing services.

Nextolive technologies has not only created a unique platform for IT services, but also proved its competency in various IT domains. Our referral program has emerged as a conjuncture point with our satisfied clients, helping us earn their higher satisfaction quotient.

Words speak louder than publicity – Nextolive technologies ‘s client referral program has already acknowledged the same. Receiving referrals from a contented and satisfied client is the attribute, we have excelled in. This has opened doors to both our business and service excellence that we provide to our satisfied clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What happens after I submit a referral?

After your submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of the same within six working days.

Are there any rewards for referrals?

You get 10% of client billing* for the 1st 12 months of engagement with the referred client.
You also have the option to receive credit towards your billing.

What is the eligibility period?

12 months. If nextolive technologies is successful in contracting the services within 1 year, you shall be eligible for the referral fee.

How is the referral amount calculated?

Referral amount is payable on the basis of the payment against the billing to the referred client.

Is the referral amount taxable?

Any amount awarded against referral may be considered taxable.

What happens if I refer a client who has already been referred earlier?

Incase of multiple clients referring same lead then the first referrer will be eligible for the amount. In case a lead referred by you is a ???????repeat???????? lead, we shall let you know within 6 business days.

Can I refer a client individually or it has to be from my organization side?

You are welcome to register with us in individual capacity under our Business Development Partnership Program and whatever references you will provide, the benefit will accrue to you.

Can I submit more than one referral?

Yes, You can submit more than one Referrals.

What if I need more information regarding this program?

Feel free to touch base at