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Next Olive is a Mobile App Development Company which provides mobile app development services in USA, Germany, UK, India and 20+ Countries and transform clients Business.

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Work in Industries

we Transform each industry Business with our elite IT solutions.

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Tech Professionals

We are a zestful team of 150+ mobile app developer and 100+ other

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Projet Delivered

Next Olive transforms businesses with 2000+ projects Delivered.

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Partnerships program

Next Olive Technologies partnered with top tech Giants.

Industries We work With

Renewable Energy


Commercial Real Estate

Trading and Crypto

Agriculture & farming

Healthcare & Hospitals


Hotels and Restaurant


Electric Vehicle

SaaS Based Software

Travel Apps


Artificial Intelligence


Native Mobile App Development

Next Olive Technologies mastery in native mobile app development gives Advantages to create high-performance, user-friendly apps Customized specifically for iOS and Android platforms in developing mobile application. We deliver splendid native apps that meet your unique business needs and provide business growth.

Hybrid App Development

We are a hybrid mobile app development company. Our expertise reduces the time frame of app development and reaches a wider range of audience with the hybrid app that works on multiple platforms. You can save precious time and resources by using the next olive hybrid app development service.

web application development

Unchain web capabilities with Next olive web application development. Our web app developer proficiency in web app development licenses us to build robust,customized, and responsive web apps. That is attuned for your business a web app development company our web app development services using next generation frameworks and libraries like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, Flask etc.

Native Mobile App Development

Next Olive Technologies have over 12 years of experience in iOS app development services. As an iphone app development company we built 800+ ios mobile apps,iOS platform has a wide range of tailor-made options For your every Business needs. Nextolive specializes in developing superior iPhone apps, iPad applications, and custom iOS solutions, ensuring your business stands out in the competitive market of ios mobile app development services.

Android App Development

Next Olive Technologies have 12+ years of experience in android app development service. As an android app development agency we cater to 1000+ app development projects done by our 100+ android app developer. Every enterprise has unique requirements for their business and advantages of the Android platform is the number of made-to-order options.


1 |  First Contact

You contact us, share your requirements, we do analysis, suggest betterments, give you a quote and we sign on.

2 |  Wireframes

We create raw wireframes and finalize with your approval.

3 |  Polished Mock-ups & Architecture Design

We create polished mock-ups (UI and UX) and Architecture design.

4 |  Coding, Implementation & Unit Testing

We kick off development and release weekly test builds until it is done.

5 |  Testing & Store Launch

App tested, Admin panel tested, Store Upload.

6 |  Post Launch Support & Warranty

We fix anything going wrong even after delivery, for FREE

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What are the differences between public and private Shopify app development?

Are you still confused between public and private Shopify application development let's clear up your doubts:- Public Shopify application development Private Shopify application development (1)The app is available for anyone to install (2) In this you can create custom apps exclusively for specific Shopify merchants, unavailable for public installation. and use from the Shopify App Store.

What platforms or websites can I use to find freelance work as a mobile app developer?

Hurry up friend! Are you looking for mobile app developers nearby? Well, you've stumbled upon the right place! We're hiring right now. There are lots of freelance platforms like job boards,upwork, etc.

What are the typical costs associated with developing a mobile application?

Calculate your project cost with our website's calculator, Check it NOW. A mobile application using mobile app development software can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the apps, the features required, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), the hourly rates of developers, and any additional expenses like licensing fees or third-party integrations.

Can a Flutter app development company assist with Android and iOS app development?

A Big YES! Flutter app development companies grip this capability to create high-quality, native-like applications for both Android and iOS ensuring a consistent user experience across different platforms

What factors should I consider when choosing a mobile development service provider?

When you're picking who to trust with your mobile development services remember these important key factors that you can't ignore: i) Their experience and track record. ii) Ability to build for iOS and Android. iii) Good communication, fair pricing, and cultural fit.

What have expertise do in developing payment processing and digital wallet solutions?

We specialize in providing fintech app development services, particularly in payment processing and digital wallet solutions.

What platforms do you specialize in for eCommerce mobile app development (iOS, Android, cross-platform)?

NextOlive Technologies is all about making eCommerce mobile apps that work great on both iPhones and Android phones. Plus, we're pretty handy with cross-platform development tools like React Native and Flutter, so your app will be awesome no matter what device your customers use.